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Hope and Love Team Members

Josephine Ekworomadu:
While growing up, Josephine Ekworomadu helped her parents raise 9 children. As someone who enjoys helping and motivating families who have given up hope, she volunteers her time whenever possible. A good example of this is her volunteer work for the Dunwoody Medical Center, which lasted many years.

Kathleen Buford:
Kathleen's father was in the military and her mother was from Japan. Kathleen has lived overseas and many different states in the United States. She is the mother of three girls. Kathleen resided in Texas for over 20 years. While in Texas she did extensive volunteer work for the elderly. She was also active with youth programs and served as a Girl Scout Leader. Kathleen hopes to serve the Lord through her work at Hope and Love of Georgia.

Victor Ekworomadu:
At early ages Victor learned to help the less fortunate by the living examples of his parents. This legacy he received is now being carried on formally by the founding of Hope and Love for Families of Georgia. Victor has long been involved in service charities in the Atlanta area including food programs for the homeless, clothing provisions for the needy, and has volunteered for many years at Kenestone Hospital as well as Dunwoody Medical Center (formerly known as Shallowford Hospital). While a member of Marietta Church, Victor served in the music department, as an usher, and was later appointed as the Director of Community Service to oversee and assist in food distribution to prisons, the Hartman Center for the Troubled Teenagers, and Must Ministry.
Victor enjoys helping people to continue the legacy that his parents left behind. He strongly believes that when you give to the poor the blessings that come with it are immeasurable. Because we all have been helped at one point in our lives, Victor believes we should not look away when we see someone hurting. Hope and Love is making a difference in peoples’ lives.

Candace Paetzhold:
Candace is involved with Hope and Love for Families of Georgia and believes in Victor Ekworomadu's vision to help the less fortunate with the resources God provides. Candace is a wife and mother of 5 , was raised in the midwest, and has lived in Cobb County for the past 16 years. She began a personal relationship with Christ while a student at Kansas State University. Her husband, Dr. Jeff Paetzhold, is a Christian counselor. She and her husband especially enjoy interacting with people from other cultures, visiting other countries, and using whatever resources they have to help others and honor God.

Kim Nimmons:
Kim is working with Hope and Love for Families of Georgia, because she believes it is an organization that can make a difference by filling a gap that larger charities may miss. Victor is dedicated to helping all people whether their need is large or small. Kim also feels Hope and Love can coordinate contacts between people who want to help, but aren't sure of how to best give of their resources and those who need help. She has lived in Atlanta since 1984 and is the single mom of a wonderful 17 year old daughter. Her volunteer experience began at age 12 as a Red Cross volunteer. She has been a Girl Scout and Girl Scout troop leader and has participated in charity events through her church, daughter's school, and community whenever possible. She also assisted Libyan exchange students during her college years and recently helped Iraqi refugees in many ways, from finding medical care to studying for US citizenship exams. Kim has a life long interest in the Middle East and speaks some Arabic. She hopes to one day work in a Middle Eastern country and perhaps extend the message of Hope and Love to people beyond Georgia. She has received many blessings and met many wonderful people through her volunteer experiences and hopes to share the message of Hope and Love with all God's people.